Shall We Dance? Shall We Sing Opera?

A two-week-long Halloween festival has come to an end. Maia had a blast and Leia was happy to tag along for Baby’s First Halloween. On top of several activities, we had a theme party at our house, also to celebrate my husband’s birthday. A group of talented Opera singers joined us to perform a 80 minutes…

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Great cause + World-class performance = An exhilarating morning with food & cocktail!

I received a great deal of feedback from my last story “I was set upside down at the week 20 of my pregnancy, good thing I practice headstand often”. And here comes the details of the event I am orchestrating for you to book now! Who can resist the beautiful Disney hits? No body! And…

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The Queen Of The Night

I always enjoyed theater, especially with a B.A. in Film & TV (…and why did I become a banker?!). However, Opera music meant a different thing before I met my husband. In the past, I would go to a good Opera once a year, tops. Now, we go to 15 operas a year! In the…

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